Give Me Magic or Give Me Death.


Why raising the bar for what you expect out of life let’s the universe know that you’re finally ready.

You can only find what you’re looking for, right? So, why do we consistently pretend we are satisfied when clearly, we are not? Why do we settle for less than we truly desire? Whether it is our job, health, fitness level, friendships, love life or life goals, the settling we do is widespread.


Some of us were told that we weren’t worth anything, by our parents, teachers, relatives, society or even so called friends. In fact, the world we live in today can make you feel that way just through our over glamorized and incredibly shallow social media world. Our societies fixation on what is  “perfect” or the allusion of it anyway, is effecting all of us in our self-esteem, relationships and our overall self-worth in some way.

When I was a little girl, I had a pretty rough start as far as childhoods go. But, beyond that, I was also told over and over that I was worthless, ugly, small and that I would never amount to anything. I was told to mind my manners, shut my mouth and take what I am given. To stand still, be obedient and keep my secrets. I can’t say that these things didn’t have a huge impact on what I thought I was worth well into my adult life, because they did. It took years and years of work and self discovery to find out who I really am outside of the vice that was placed on my soul as a child. My work is never done though, I am always checking my heart to make sure I am being true to my self. In fact, you’re never going be done working on yourself and growing. If you think you are, you’re in for some big surprises.

At some point, I had a realization that I was living in my own shadow and would never amount to anything just like my father had told me. I was hell bent on proving that wrong.

However, “Amounting to something” doesn’t mean some sort external acclaim or event. To me, amounting to something, means to fully live your life free of the artificial restrictions that we put on ourselves. These restrictions allow us to settle for way less than we desire and they should be murdered for such offenses. Truly amounting to something means giving yourself the freedom to proudly stand up to your own fears and say, I am worth more and I am going to follow my passion. I will not settle in any form, for any reason or for anyone. Not because I am selfish or self-indulgent or greedy but because we only live once on this planet (as far as I know) and I am going to fucking “live” it the way I want to.


I want magic or nothing. In everything that I do. 

Until you can stand up and say that to yourself and to the universe, you’ll never have it.

There really is no secret and that is the secret. You just go follow your dreams, be true to your heart and regardless of the end result, you are fully living and that is the magic.

To be alive is magic.

Going through the motions, passing time dreaming about a better life is not living. So, once you decide you are after magic and magic only, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

Give me magic or give me death. One of those things is sure to happen but, I prefer to have the magic first.

We are all worthy of magic once we believe it for ourselves.

So…….. Go get some. It’s waiting.

Here are some of my favorite quotes on magic and dreams ❤








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